How is our tea decaffeinated?

Let’s begin by understanding that caffeine is a natural product that occurs in tea. In moderation, caffeine is not a problem for most people. This is especially true for tea rather than coffee, as the absorption of caffeine and its effects on the body are different with tea than coffee. If you drink 5 cups of regular tea a day and suffer no side effects then I would not worry. For those who are a little more sensitive or who have other medical conditions that react with caffeine, decaffeinated teas can help you to enjoy a regular brew without the side effects. We have a blog all about caffeine if you want to know more.

What’s the difference between decaf and caffeine-free?

Excellent question! Caffeine-free teas are not tea at all. They are drinks that have not ever contained caffeine. These include herbal teas, rooibos and fruit teas. Tea leaves that have gone through decaffeination can not be described as caffeine-free as they will still contain trace amounts of caffeine. 

How is tea decaffeinated?

Tea is mostly decaffeinated in one of 4 ways.  Continue reading How is our tea decaffeinated?