Can Children Drink Tea?

In short, yes. Children can enjoy tea, but we recommend reading these recommendations to make sure your child has a safe and happy experience (all advice is aimed at children over 6 months of age. Water and milk are the only recommended drinks for infants under 6 months).

You know that whole leaf tea is good for you, so if it’s such a healthy option for you then why not offer it to your child? After all, most drinks promoted to children are full of sugar and artificial flavours. With whole leaf tea you know they’re getting the natural product free of fat, salt, sugar, cholesterol and artificial colours and flavours. 

Health benefits of tea for young people

  • Whole leaf tea is sugar-free, salt free, fat-free and free from artificial colours and flavours.
  • Tea contains catechins which help fight harmful bacteria in the mouth. This helps to keep breath fresh too. Tea also contains fluoride. 
  • It’s immune-boosting! Those same catechins have anti-viral properties, which help to keep the immune system in tip top condition. 
  • A Harvard Medical School study showed that green-tea drinkers were at a 31% lower risk of developing cardiovascular ailments. Further studies have shown that many of these ailments often start in childhood.

Basically, all the health benefits tea has for adults apply to children as well.  Continue reading Can Children Drink Tea?