Our environmental pledge

Here at the tea enthusiasts, we take climate change seriously. We firmly believe that mankind is having a detrimental effect on the planet and each individual, each company and each government has a duty to do what they can to neutralise the impact they have on the world. So today we want to take you through what we as a company do to try and ease our impact on the planet.

Environmental issues are complicated and there is no quick fix and no magic solution so we try to make sure that the planet is considered in each decision we make. Some of these solutions may seem like they only make a tiny difference and we recognise that we are one small family run company but we know that one of the biggest threats to the planet is everyone thinking someone else will save it, and one of the biggest mistakes is thinking if you can only do a little then it is not valuable so you should do nothing.

What we are doing as a company?

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Free the Tea – Dump the Teabags!

Why you should dump the tea bags!

Tea bags: Surely there is at least one in every kitchen? Years of routine and familiarity doesn’t necessarily make the humble tea bag the best option for your next brew.

Teabags? Just say NO

Teabags: Bleach and Plastic

There are two fundamental types of teabag. Most tea bags are a bleached paper outer that is woven with 20% plastic. Inside this bag are tiny tea particles known as “fannings and dust” in the trade. When steeped, they release more tannins than whole leaf tea, resulting in bitter astringent brews. It is highly unlikely for the best teas to be used in these bags, which are generally produced by large corporations and found in every single supermarket and convenience store. There are also some companies out there who offer whole leaf teas in silk pyramids. We’ll talk about these a bit more at the end.

A seasonal, artisanal, foodie approach to tea

Teabags are designed for standardisation. People expect their supermarket teabag blend to taste the same year in year out regardless of the season. Our offering of loose leaf teas is the exact opposite. Flavour profiles, aroma, and appearance vary from year to year and season to season. Generally, estates, regions, processing styles and growing seasons are known for particular flavours and aromas, but weather patterns or geopolitical changes may affect any harvest. Our experts monitor world tea production and drink hundreds of samples (we don’t mind this part too much!) to bring the best flavours to you every season. We may bring you a blend from a single region or even a single portion of a single estate. Alternatively, we may also blend a Chinese tea with French herbs and African spices. This breadth and depth of tea profiles appeal to foodies and gourmets. You could drink several cups of tea a day for years and never have the same experience twice!


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