New Year, New You: Health Boost Box

health boost box
Health boost box

Are you aiming to be a slightly better version of you this year? Did you make a deal with your body this year that you would take better care of it? Did you swear you would finally lose that extra couple of pounds to improve your health? Well, these boxes are designed to contain enough tea to help you keep your new year’s resolutions in January.

Keeping new year’s resolutions in the cold dark days of January can be hard, but promising to enjoy a delicious cup of tea each day….that seems very achievable. These boxes are not magic and they can’t do it alone, but as it says on the box, they can lend a helping hand. These teas have all been selected because there is some science behind their helpfulness.

We also include an infuser basket and a cheeky free sample of something to treat yourself (don’t worry it is healthy). As a package, these sets are cheaper than buying the elements individually and of course include free shipping! More than £25 of tea and accessories shipped to your home for just £20. Total bargain.

We are well aware of some “detox” or “slimming” teas that have laxative effects and we would like to reassure our customers…None of these teas contains any laxative ingredients. Just pure natural ingredients.

As always we would like to remind you that while we are very enthusiastic about tea we hold no medical qualifications. If you have a medical condition and require medical advice about any of our teas we strongly suggest you speak to a medical professional.

Three teas to help you improve your day-to-day health. All contain tasty ingredients that have been proven to help health or immunity. Sip your way to feeling great and dodging the winter lurgy! Continue reading New Year, New You: Health Boost Box