Meet the Tea....m

Our fearless leader Liza

The Tea Enthusiasts are just that, Enthusiastic about Tea. Our mission is to bring loose leaf tea and its myriad of flavours to as many people as possible and have fun doing it. We want to dispel the myths of over complication around loose tea and present new and innovative flavour experiences. To achieve this aim we are building a community of consumers and creating new products in quirky ways. Sure you can still get your typical tea from us, but if you are looking for something new and a little more interesting then you have come to the right place!

Liza Johnson, founder of the Tea Enthusiasts. “ I have always enjoyed great tea and having the good fortune to be related to a tea merchant I was always at the receiving end of high quality samples that I could share with my friends. Almost all of my friends could tell you their favourite loose black or green tea blends, their children could tell you about the fruit infusions they enjoyed. When a new blend arrived I would take the opportunity to share it with friends by inviting them over, sharing the learning journey. The Tea Enthusiasts is rooted in rolling out that experience to all.”

Our company is built around offering our customers a learning journey. Together we will explore new flavours and new blends, we will discover what suits our lifestyle, our health needs, our taste buds. Then we will all share that with our friends so they too can make loose leaf artisanal tea part of their life. Why? Because not only is tea cheaper than fizzy drinks and more hydrating than coffee but it is an exciting way to improve your daily diet and reap health benefits from every sip.

We source our teas from the best tea gardens and plantations around the globe. Each tea or tisane is hand selected and contains a unique blend of natural ingredients. We only sell the best quality loose leaf teas, most of which are sourced from the top 10% of the harvest from the finest tea estates and regions. Wherever possible we source our teas and tisanes from plantations that are organic and ETP accredited (from Ethical Tea Partnership).

We here at the Tea Enthusiasts feel we can do good while we do business. This is why you will see our featured ChariTEAS as well as information on how the people we buy our tea from are looking after their workers. Our aim is to be as sustainable as possible, loose leaf tea is inherently more environmentally friendly than tea bags, our packaging has also been sourced to be as recyclable as possible. We will also be providing you with innovative ideas on what to do with your used tea leaves.

We include Black, Green, White, Pu erh, Oolong, Flavoured, Slimming & Detox as well as a range of fruit, herb, spice, flower and root tisanes in our selection. If you don't see the blend you would like on offer, get in touch and we will try to blend it up for you!

If you want to know more about the health benefits of tea, or want guidance on how to brew the perfect cup, look no further than our blog

If you want to try loose leaf tea but don't know where to start, you can just ask us! A short conversation and we can recommend a blend for you to start on.