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Black Tea

Loose leaf black teas are full-bodied, brisk and malty. Often enhanced with the addition of milk, sugar or spices. Here we have a selection of estate, blended and flavoured black teas.If you need help with your selection just get in touch. We may also have a helpful article over in the Blog section. Like this Breakfast tea guide.

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The fabled Borengajuli tea estate. Known the world over for producing fabulously rich and robust teas, this cuppa certainly lives up to heritage. Expect to find sweet, jammy notes and a full, luxurious body in this quintessentially strong brew.
A taste of desert decadence, with real coco and cherries. Evocative of any party in the late 20th century, where the black forest gateau was a symbol of rich indulgence.
Just the ticket to get your inner pirate through another workday, or alternatively a great tea to keep you warm while fighting off the Kraken at sea. Try it with brown sugar and milk, or with a tot of rum!
Sweet creamy flavours and a buttery aroma with just a hint of vanilla. Indulge your sweet tooth in a healthy way, this really is a treat you can have every day.
A quintessentially British taste experience. to achieve the depth of flavour in this tea we take great quality Chinese black tea and layer it with real rose petals this lets the natural perfume infuse fully into the tea
A Christmas carnival in a cup. High grown black Ceylon tea blended will all the wonder and smells of Christmas market stalls! We hear it's what Santa drinks on his sleigh. Ethically sourced.
Our fantastic Loose Leaf Earl Grey mellowed with a delicious creamy vanilla taste. An excellent all day tea with a superb finish. Tastes even better as this tea comes from Ethical Tea Partnership monitored estates.

This is a delicate bergamot flavour with floral and caramel notes. A gentle ephemeral blend inspired by Oscar Wilde's only novel

A luxurious blend of real fruits and flowers on a rich black tea base. Designed with the help of the people of County Durham to share the flavour of the Land of the Prince Bishops with the world.
Ethically sourced loose leaf black tea with a classic bergamot flavour. Beautifully decorated with blue corn flowers. Perfect for a tea break or an indulgent afternoon tea. 
Just the ticket for getting the nation up and going. A strong traditional black tea blend with robust flavour notes and a strong coppery look.

Do you love Earl Grey so much you wish it was stronger? Then this is the brew for you. We have added extra Bergamot oil to our robust Ceylon tea base to give a full-bodied floral and citrus hit with every sip.

As expected from a land of towering mountains and rolling glens, this tea is as breathtaking and comforting as the landscape that inspires it.  A rich malty body and oaky finish makes for a perfect morning brew.

Our strongest breakfast blend of premium black tea.  Rich, robust and full of flavour, this tea honours the Irish tradition for a strong, sturdy brew

An elegant blend of single estate darjeeling and jasmine tea to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen. A perfectly refined and regal cup.

A Chinese black tea known for its layered complexity. This tea manages to be deeply aromatic while maintaining its gentle character as a rich, dark, comforting brew.

A bold and beautiful tea from the highlands of Sri Lanka.  With light citrus notes and a complex oaky finish. A perfect proper brew!
Chinese black tea smoked over real pine fires, a real comfort cuppa.
The addition of french Lavender and bergamot enhances the balance of flavours in this luxury black tea blend for a delicious soothing flavour. The citrusy taste in our Earl Grey comes from the addition of natural organic bergamot oil.
Sunny days sweeping the clouds away! This is the perfect tea for when you need a moments holiday. A fragrant treat of ripe peach and juicy mango on a black tea base.
This is a madness of flavours that only begin to make sense when you are drinking it. A hint of liquorice and a lively, refreshing citrus flavour with a creamy, rounding vanilla note make this tea creation an extraordinary experience.
Darjeeling second flush is known as the champagne of teas and this tea garden is know around the globe for producing some of the best. Grown in southern Darjeeling in the cool mountain breeze of the Himalayas this slow grown tea is a delight to the senses.
Black Tea infused with aromatic Indian spices. Guaranteed to warm you through. This is our variation on the classic, warming and soothing at any time.
Mim is in the Darjeeling area of Northern India. From the town center on a clear day the peak of Mount Everest can be seen. Darjeeling is known as the champagne of tea. All our Darjeeling teas are 100% grown and harvested from the Darjeeling region.
Chocolate and mint, a classic combination seen in hot chocolate and ice cream.....and now tea! The whole natural ingredients in this tea make for a well rounded flavour that is a treat any time of the day!
Just what you need after singing carols! Even if it is just in your car. High grown black Ceylon tea blended will all the wonder and smells of Christmas spices!
Pumpkin spice and everything nice! A fragrant blend of smooth and creamy pumpkin pie spices rounded out with real pumpkin pieces. Sweeter and creamier than our other chai's this cosy warming blend is reminiscent of autumnal walks and falling leaves. 
The addition of roses and bergamot enhances the balance of flavours in this luxury black tea blend for a delicious delightful flavour. The citrusy taste in our Earl Grey comes from the addition of natural organic bergamot oil.
A full-bodied ethically sourced black tea with a sweet smokey malty taste. Based on an old Russian formula this is a wonderfully aromatic tea. A luxury blend of black tea with distinct notes of pine and hickory smoke.
QuinTEAssentially British. Perfect for watching the tennis or enjoying with afternoon tea. The strawberry notes in this tea are perfectly balanced with the fresh berry flavours being particularly enhanced by a tiny bit of milk being added.
The twist to this Earl Grey is the ramping up of the citrus notes with the addition of orange, lime and lemon flavours. Which is why this tea is part of our Alice in Wonderland collection.
A proper northern brew. Deep rich malty flavours mingle to create a complex but deeply satisfying cuppa. ethically traded too!
Creamy Madagascar vanilla notes dance with tingling Malabar Coast spices with a lively ginger finish accentuated by cardamom.
Delight your taste buds with this decadent black tea and wild cherry infusion. This loose leaf tea has all natural ingredients and real cherry pieces for a rich, jammy and indulgent brew.