A guide to breakfast teas

A guide to breakfast teas

Which breakfast tea is right for me?

As our selection of breakfast teas grows we often get asked what the difference is between them all. So we have put together a definitive guide. As always, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your cup of tea, one is not inherently better. It is about finding the cuppa that brings you the most satisfaction. For a start, there is no need to drink these teas at breakfast. I like green tea at breakfast and this for my second cup. More specifically which tea you choose will be influenced by whether you like milk or sugar and especially your culture and taste preferences. As you all know by now, around here we love a good cup of tea but can not abide tea snobbery!

So first off, why is the tea different if it is all from the same plant? Well, wines are all different and yet all made from grapes. It comes down to the soil, the weather, and the care that has been put into the bushes over many many years. It takes skilled people to pick the right leaves and wither them just enough. And yet more skilled people blend them together in just the right proportions to make the signature taste of that cuppa. This is why you should buy tea from a friendly tea merchant who can steer you towards your best cuppa yet! You can see our whole selection of black teas here

Full English Breakfast

Why not start with the classic. Our English breakfast is a medium-strong cuppa—slightly floral notes and lower in astringency than most of the others on this list. If you like it smooth and gentle this is the one for you. Takes milk well but less so sugar. This is Liza's favourite of the teas on this list. Strong enough for a good wake up but leaves your mouth refreshed. Also available in Decaf

Scottish Breakfast

With two Scottish members of the team, we had to have a brew for their homeland. Scottish breakfast is very similar to the English breakfast but ever so slightly stronger. This tea is Steves's favourite of the bunch

Tyne Brew

A classic northern blend. Malty flavours rule in this cuppa. Originally I designed this blend to suit my Dads taste. He is an ex squaddie and like a good cuppa but non of your fancy nonsense. This is often referred to as our builder's brew. It takes milk and sugar very well! Winner of a Great Taste award! 

Assam Tea

Our Assam is a single estate beauty from the Borengajuli estate. Rich and robust this cuppa is slightly more astringent than Tyne brew. Assam teas are commonly used for Breakfast teas and will be a familiar flavour to most tea drinkers. Takes milk and sugar well. Dan does not drink too much breakfast tea but when he does this is his brew of choice. Also available in Decaf

Irish Breakfast

The Irish are well known for their habit of drinking tea that you can stand a spoon up in! Our version is strong and astringent, in fact, it's our strongest black tea. If you like your tea strong enough to strip the enamel from your teeth then you have found your blend! A brew to blow your socks off. Takes milk and sugar well. This is Adams's favourite tea, and despite blending it Liza never drinks it. Finds it too strong!

I hope you have found this mini-guide useful. All of these teas are available on the website in sizes as small as 20g so you can buy a few and put together your own tea sampling box. Don't forget you can always drop us a message if you would like to ask a question. We love talking tea!


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