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Decaffeinated Tea

We have selected the best loose leaf decaffeinated teas from around the world. All of our decaf teas are CO2 decaffeinated as we believe this offers the best flavour while leaving no nasty chemical residue. You can read more about this process on our blog here.

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A rich and robust tea with sweet, jammy notes and a full, luxurious body. A quintessentially strong brew with none of the caffeine.
A premium decaffeinated tea experience. Light and fragrant with notes of muscat grapes and a complex floral finish
Wonderful classic afternoon tea classic, just without the caffeine. This earl grey is ethically sourced and is flavored with organic bergamot oil from Italy. Hand blended in County Durham
A strong traditional black tea blend with robust flavour notes and a strong coppery look. All the taste without the Caffeine
Just like our Regular Earl Grey but CO2 decaffeinated. The addition of french Lavender and bergamot enhances the balance of flavours in this luxury black tea blend for a delicious soothing flavour. Try before sleep.