Green Tea

Many people turn to green tea for its abundance of nutrients. Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea but is unoxidized, this means it closely resembles the original plucked leaf. We drink green tea because its amazing. Here is a range of pure and flavoured green teas. 

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Green Tea
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Cherry Rose Sencha
If you close your eyes and imagine walking through a Japanese cherry blossom orchard in springtime, that's exactly the taste sensation this tea brings
Chun Mee
Chun mee has a brisk flavor, hints of florals, sour not sweet with a slight smokiness. Chun mee is the highest grade of young hyson green tea.
Cranberry Rose Sencha
Tangy cranberries and sweet raspberry pieces infuse in harmony with green Sencha leaves and delicate rosebuds for a truly invigorating drink. This tea is also wonderful in the summer over ice.
Earl Grey Green
Sweet bergamot blends with the slightly smoky profile of this green gunpowder tea. Like Earl Grey but Green! Even better it is ethically sourced!
Formosa Gunpowder
This gunpowder produces a strong dark-green brew with a memorable fragrance. A slightly bitter and smokey pleasant flavour and a long-lasting finish.
Jasmine Green Tea with Flowers
A delightful light floral green tea classic. This is one of our best selling teas and we take great care and pride in it.
Kombucha Plum Sencha
With a strong sweet smell and fresh flavour this tea pleasant and deeply refreshing. Kombucha contains beneficial probiotic cultures and is high in antioxidants. Together with a top class sencha you are going to feel the boost!
Kukicha Sencha Stem Green Tea
A unique green tea made from the stems, leaves and twigs of Japanese shade-grown Sencha tea plants. This pale green tea has the taste of sweet fresh toasted grass and a slightly savory, nutty aftertaste. A real discovery of a tea!
Lemon Ginger Green Sencha
Grassy notes of Sencha green tea are boosted by zesty lemon and warming ginger for a feel-good brew. Adding ginger and lemon to green tea is a great way to increase the health benefits and revitalising properties.
Lemon Sencha
The clean grassy taste of sencha is complemented by zesty lemon for an amazing and refreshing drink. Adding lemon to green tea is one great way to increase the health benefits.
Morning Mojo Green Tea
Kick start your morning with this high caffeine fresh zingy wellness blend to fill you with positivitea. Inspired by morning runners but great for morning grouches too!
Pear and Chocolate Torte
All the taste of a deliciously gooey chocolate and pear torte but in a tea. Healthy and hydrating this tea hits the right sweet spot with a tiny fraction of the calories.
Popcorn Tea
A toasty blend or fire-toasted rice with speciality green tea. The fresh vegetative character of the green tea is imparted on the cup but it is tempered with the bakery-like character of the rice.
Sencha Red Ginseng
 With a strong sweet smell and a rooty fresh flavour this tea is not only pleasant but deeply refreshing. Red ginseng has been attributed with many health benefits.
Spearmint Green Tea
A real zap pow of a green tea. If you are looking for lively flavour with added health benefits then you have found it.
Strawberry and Pineapple Passion
A premium blend of green and white teas offering a hint of spring all year round. The lively, colours of the dry tea remind us of the first warm rays of the sun.
Turmeric Ginger Wellness
Our fantastic herbal blend is now available combined with one of our best selling green teas. A potent pick-me-up that surprises the tongue and warms the body from head to toe. Still organic!