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Turkish Apple
A light sweet blend that fills the nose with aromas of a tangy apple harvest. This is a cup that can be enjoyed hot or cold and at any time of the day.
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Lemon drizzle cake in a cup! All the sticky zesty cake flavour with a fraction of the calories.. If you have a sweet tooth and need a pick me up then this will refresh and hydrate as well as soothing the urge to snack.
In the bustle of the day do you find yourself looking for an oasis of calm focus? Now you have found it. This sweet but gently spiced blend will help to relax your mind so you can focus on the day.
Egyptian Chamomile
This cheery looking flower has been one of the most popular herbal teas across the globe for centuries. It has a simple floral aroma with hints of honey
Orange Hibiscus Refresher
This tangy blend has two distinct flavours. Served hot this is an amazing winter warmer with vitamin C and eucalyptus to get you through winter. Come the summer it is the most refreshing sensation
Organic Turmeric Zinger
A potent pick-me-up that surprises the tongue and warms the body from head to toe. Gingers spicy hot flavour is underlined by earthy turmeric, sweet aniseed and delightfully bitter cocoa shells.
Peppermint and Liquorice Tea
If you ever have any digestive issues this tea is perfect for easing bloat, gassyness and nausea. It is a deeply soothing natural remedy that has been around for century's.
Peppermint Tea
Grown in the pure, moist mountain air of the spring and early summer season gives this peppermint some of the highest volatile oil counts of any member of the mint family.
Sniffle Slayer
Got the sniffles? This soothing blend of ginger spice and citrus will pep you right up. Sniffle Slayer is an exceedingly rich and delicious herbal tea.
Spearmint Tea
Mint is a traditional drink in North Africa and the Middle East and is always served to welcome friends, family or visitors from afar.
Super Fruity
Originally developed for children but has become a firm family favorite. Bursting with fruit!
Virgin Pina Colada
Deep ruby red infusion with outstanding aromas of coconut and pineapple to make this a multi-sensory drink experience.
Perfect measure tea spoon
The perfect measure teaspoon is the ideal accessory to your loose leaf tea drinking lifestyle. When we recommend one teaspoon on our packaging this is the measure we use.