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Loose Leaf Teas

We source our loose leaf teas from only the best tea gardens and plantations around the globe, each tea or tisane is hand selected and contains a unique blend of natural ingredients. Wherever possible our teas are also organic and accredited by the Ethical Tea Partnership.

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This is a spectacular Chinese tea. Somewhat stronger than many other white teas, 100 Monkeys produces a profoundly complex cup.
Just the ticket to get your inner pirate through another workday, or alternatively a great tea to keep you warm while fighting off the Kraken at sea. Try it with brown sugar and milk, or with a tot of rum!
A dark and decadent cup. A swirling caramel aroma with molasses notes. You won't believe it's sugar-free!
Sweet creamy flavours and a buttery aroma with just a hint of vanilla. Indulge your sweet tooth in a healthy way, this really is a treat you can have every day.
If you close your eyes and imagine walking through a Japanese cherry blossom orchard in springtime, that's exactly the taste sensation this tea brings
A Christmas carnival in a cup. High grown black Ceylon tea blended will all the wonder and smells of Christmas market stalls! We hear it's what Santa drinks on his sleigh. Ethically sourced.
Chun mee has a brisk flavour, hints of florals, sour not sweet with a slight smokiness. Chun mee is the highest grade of young hyson green tea.
The ultimate in warmth and relaxation, Cinnamon Swirl Rooibos Chai is not only delicious, its packed with antioxidants, polyphenols and essential minerals
Tangy cranberries and sweet raspberry pieces infuse in harmony with green Sencha leaves and delicate rosebuds for a truly invigorating drink. This tea is also wonderful in the summer over ice.
Our fantastic Loose Leaf Earl Grey mellowed with a delicious creamy vanilla taste. An excellent all day tea with a superb finish. Tastes even better as this tea comes from Ethical Tea Partnership monitored estates.
Wonderful classic afternoon tea classic, just without the caffeine. This earl grey is ethically sourced and is flavored with organic bergamot oil from Italy. Hand blended in County Durham
A strong traditional black tea blend with robust flavour notes and a strong coppery look. All the taste without the Caffeine
Just like our Regular Earl Grey but CO2 decaffeinated. The addition of french Lavender and bergamot enhances the balance of flavours in this luxury black tea blend for a delicious soothing flavour. Try before sleep.
A great day starts with a good nights sleep. Each ingredient in this caffeine free herbal blend is carefully chosen to help you drift off into a deep and relaxing sleep
A luxurious blend of real fruits and flowers on a rich black tea base. Designed with the help of the people of County Durham to share the flavour of the Land of the Prince Bishops with the world.
Ethically sourced loose leaf black tea with a classic bergamot flavour. Beautifully decorated with blue corn flowers. Perfect for a tea break or an indulgent afternoon tea. 
Sweet bergamot blends with the slightly smoky profile of this green gunpowder tea. Like Earl Grey but Green! Even better it is ethically sourced!
A delicious twist on a traditional tea. Our natural bergamot oil, sourced from organic compliant farms in Italy perfectly blends with this South African Rooibos. Beautifully decorated with blue cornflowers this redbush tea is bound to delight.
This cheery looking flower has been one of the most popular herbal teas across the globe for centuries. It has a simple floral aroma with hints of honey
This gunpowder produces a strong dark-green brew with a memorable fragrance. A slightly bitter and smokey pleasant flavour and a long-lasting finish.
Just the ticket for getting the nation up and going. A strong traditional black tea blend with robust flavour notes and a strong coppery look.
Pure natural dried ginger root. Produces a clean and zingy cup with all the  spicy qualities of ginger. Remarkably warming and invigorating. Well regarded for its anti inflammatory and antioxidant health properties
Every ingredient in this blend has been carefully chosen not just for their amazing taste but also for their potential in supporting our immune defense. You can use this tea as a daily maintenance cuppa or in times of illness drink several cups to chase the symptoms away and soothe and nourish your body.
A unique green tea made from the stems, leaves and twigs of Japanese shade-grown Sencha tea plants. This pale green tea has the taste of sweet fresh toasted grass and a slightly savory, nutty aftertaste. A real discovery of a tea!
A delightful light floral green tea classic. This is one of our best selling teas and we take great care and pride in it.
With a strong sweet smell and fresh flavour this tea is pleasant and deeply refreshing. Kombucha contains beneficial probiotic cultures and is high in antioxidants. Together with a top class sencha you are going to feel the boost!
The addition of french Lavender and bergamot enhances the balance of flavours in this luxury black tea blend for a delicious soothing flavour. The citrusy taste in our Earl Grey comes from the addition of natural organic bergamot oil.
Lemon drizzle cake in a cup! All the sticky zesty cake flavour with a fraction of the calories.. If you have a sweet tooth and need a pick me up then this will refresh and hydrate as well as soothing the urge to snack.
Grassy notes of Sencha green tea are boosted by zesty lemon and warming ginger for a feel-good brew. Adding ginger and lemon to green tea is a great way to increase the health benefits and revitalising properties.
The clean grassy taste of sencha is complemented by zesty lemon for an amazing and refreshing drink. Adding lemon to green tea is one great way to increase the health benefits.
This is a madness of flavours that only begin to make sense when you are drinking it. A hint of liquorice and a lively, refreshing citrus flavour with a creamy, rounding vanilla note make this tea creation an extraordinary experience.
Darjeeling second flush is known as the champagne of teas and this tea garden is know around the globe for producing some of the best. Grown in southern Darjeeling in the cool mountain breeze of the Himalayas this slow grown tea is a delight to the senses.
Black Tea infused with aromatic Indian spices. Guaranteed to warm you through. This is our variation on the classic, warming and soothing at any time.
Mim is in the Darjeeling area of Northern India. From the town center on a clear day the peak of Mount Everest can be seen. Darjeeling is known as the champagne of tea. All our Darjeeling teas are 100% grown and harvested from the Darjeeling region.
Kick start your morning with this high caffeine fresh zingy wellness blend to fill you with positivitea. Inspired by morning runners but great for morning grouches too!
Just what you need after singing carols! Even if it is just in your car. High grown black Ceylon tea blended will all the wonder and smells of Christmas spices!
Inspired by the flora of the rolling hills, sleepy valleys and coastal paths of ancient Northumberland. Land of folklore, myth and legend encapsulated in a herbal tea blend bursting with whole flowers, herbs, fruits and leaves.
This is a full flavoured oolong with a delicate play of orange blossoms to lighten the palet. Oolong teas are high in anti oxidants and used for weight management
This tangy blend of fruit and herbs has two distinct flavours. Served hot this is an amazing winter warmer with vitamin C and eucalyptus to get you through cold season. Come the summer it is the most refreshing sensation served over ice
Pai Mu Tan produces a cup that dazzles with subtle layers of peach and floral notes. Clear pale cup with a fresh aroma and smooth velvety flavour. Delicate jammy notes reminiscent of Keemun or a mild Bordeaux.
All the taste of a deliciously gooey chocolate and pear torte but in a tea. Healthy and hydrating this tea hits the right sweet spot with a tiny fraction of the calories.
If you ever have any digestive issues this tea is perfect for easing bloat, gassiness and nausea. It is a deeply soothing natural remedy that has been around for centuries.
Grown in the pure, moist mountain air of the spring and early summer season gives this peppermint some of the highest volatile oil counts of any member of the mint family.
A toasty blend or fire-toasted rice with speciality green tea. The fresh vegetative character of the green tea is imparted on the cup but is tempered by the bakery-like character of the rice.
Pumpkin spice and everything nice! A fragrant blend of smooth and creamy pumpkin pie spices rounded out with real pumpkin pieces. Sweeter and creamier than our other chai's this cosy warming blend is reminiscent of autumnal walks and falling leaves. 
A light and tasty infusion, once used as a remedy for many ailments.  Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, this tea satisfies more than just your tastebuds
The addition of roses and bergamot enhances the balance of flavours in this luxury black tea blend for a delicious delightful flavour. The citrusy taste in our Earl Grey comes from the addition of natural organic bergamot oil.
A full-bodied ethically sourced black tea with a sweet smokey malty taste. Based on an old Russian formula this is a wonderfully aromatic tea. A luxury blend of black tea with distinct notes of pine and hickory smoke.
With a strong sweet smell and a rooty fresh flavour this tea is not only pleasant but deeply refreshing. Red ginseng has been attributed with many health benefits.
Got the sniffles? This soothing blend of ginger spice and citrus will pep you right up. Sniffle Slayer is an exceedingly rich and delicious herbal tea.
A real zap pow of a green tea. If you are looking for lively flavour with added health benefits then you have found it.
Mint is a traditional drink in North Africa and the Middle East and is always served to welcome friends, family or visitors from afar.

Pure nettle leaf tea, a traditional herbal brew with a fresh comforting flavour.  All of the nutritious taste, none of the sting.

QuinTEAssentially British. Perfect for watching the tennis or enjoying with afternoon tea. The strawberry notes in this tea are perfectly balanced with the fresh berry flavours being particularly enhanced by a tiny bit of milk being added.
A premium blend of green and white teas offering a hint of spring all year round. The lively, colours of the dry tea remind us of the first warm rays of the sun.
Sip your way to improved mental wellbeing and better sleep. Herbal tea blend with Ashwagandha, one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda. Tastes and smells like nutty cherry bakewell!
Originally developed for children but has become a firm family favourite. Bursting with fruit!
The twist to this Earl Grey is the ramping up of the citrus notes with the addition of orange, lime and lemon flavours. Which is why this tea is part of our Alice in Wonderland collection.
In the bustle of the day do you find yourself looking for an oasis of calm focus? Now you have found it. This sweet but gently spiced blend will help to relax your mind so you can focus on the day.
A light sweet blend that fills the nose with aromas of a tangy apple harvest. This is a cup that can be enjoyed hot or cold and at any time of the day.
Our fantastic herbal blend is now available combined with one of our best selling green teas. A potent pick-me-up that surprises the tongue and warms the body from head to toe. Still organic!
A potent pick-me-up that surprises the tongue and warms the body from head to toe. Gingers spicy hot flavour is underlined by earthy turmeric, sweet aniseed and delightfully bitter cocoa shells.
A proper northern brew. Deep rich malty flavours mingle to create a complex but deeply satisfying cuppa. ethically traded too!
Creamy Madagascar vanilla notes dance with tingling Malabar Coast spices with a lively ginger finish accentuated by cardamom.
Deep ruby red infusion with outstanding aromas of coconut and pineapple to make this a multi-sensory drink experience.
A classic South American drink - fill your gourd! Mate is a plant chock full of all the vitamins and antioxidants your body needs to be strong and healthy. Often used in fasting.
A rich complex earthy tea that can be brewed several times for a brew that slides down, hugs your belly and relaxes your muscles