Oolong & Pu-Erh

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Oolong & Pu-Erh
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Caramel Indulgence Pu-Erh
A dark and decadent cup. A swirling caramel aroma with molasses notes. You won't believe it's sugar-free!
Fujian Oolong
Semi-fermented tea from Fujian Province - in the Wuyi Mountains area. High in Antioxidants and used for weight management.
Oolong Orange Blossom
This is a full flavoured oolong with a delicate play of orange blossoms to lighten the palet. Oolong teas are high in anti oxidants and used for weight management
Orange Oolong Magic
This tea invokes memories of eating chocolate oranges as a child. Smooth oolong tea with a refreshing and energetic orange burst. High in anti oxidants and used for weight management
Rice Pudding Milk Oolong
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This treat of a tea has a wonderful smooth creamy milky sweet aroma and mouth feel. Milky oolong teas are quite the latest trend!
Yunnan Pu Erh Mixed vintage
A rich complex earthy tea that can be brewed several times for a brew that slides down, hugs your belly and relaxes your muscles